domingo, 10 de novembro de 2013

My vision on physical x digital world interaction

      There are plenty of hollywood movies trying to predict the future. And they usually happen in spectacular worlds quite different from our real world. Take Minority Report for example. Although the screens controlled by movements are something that is already happening, the city urbanization and transportation are the opposite of the path that we are following. The tendency of city's development is to be more human friendly, adapting it to pedestrians, bikers and other alternative ways of transportation and encouraging people to use the streets as a place of meeting .
      The users are natural filters for what is human friendly and what is not. As a designer, I know how important the user testing is important in the process of designing. People won't use something that don't fit their lives or that they don't feel close to. That's why UX designers are so important.
      I have to say, I dont believe in the Google Glass project. The innovation that the glass brings compared to smartphones is that the device can interact with you all the time, while smartphones interact only when they are asked to. If you are walking in the street with a Google Glass and pass through a place that may interest you, the gadget may notify it to you . If it's a museum for example, it will show you the opening hours, the currently exhibition and the history of the building.
      But Google does this simply adding a virtual layer to the users vision, wich I believe that is not user friendly at all. This would be a too radical and not pleasent change to people's life.
      Here is another approach by Pranav Mistry of how technology will interact with the physical world and I like it much more (link :. In his vision, the digital element is almost invisible. A projector that you carry as an accessory gives you information about the physical world around you. The flight ticket example is very interesting.

Another good example is the city of Santander in Spain that is spreading sensors through it's streets to become an example of how technology can make people's life better and the city more sustainable. 

  And here is the future that I don't want to live in. Where the digital world take over the physical world.


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